A Survey of Asciidoc-Based Books

Three women sorting through a card catalog, in black and white.

As I was writing my own book using Asciidoctor, I kept running into others who had done the same when looking for solutions to problems I was having.

Many of the authors took time to document their experiences online, which was helpful for me to read through and try to pick up via osmosis.

So, I wanted to consolidate some of those links into a list.

If anyone has other examples, please, please send me links via @vilimpoc or via email. Thanks!

JHipster Mini Book

Game Programming Patterns

This one is not strictly about Asciidoc, but good info on the overall layout process with physical and electronic books.

The Starling Manual + Handbook

Awesome Asciidoctor Notebook

I’ve run into this website multiple times when searching for solutions to Asciidoc formatting problems.

There are a ton of entries covering many different aspects of writing with Asciidoc.

Codewriting: Collaborative Documentation Ops for the Agile Age

An Example Of What Not To Do

This one’s kind of an example of things not to do when designing book content, at least based on the screenshots.

Featured image: “Three women work at the card index files at the headquarters of the National Woman’s Party in Washington, D.C.”, 1920 (Source: Library of Congress)